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We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions below, if you require further assistance or can’t find the answer to your question contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 032 028 or send us an email

Do your photographers have a ‘Working with Children’ check?
Yes, it is one of our company policies that all photographers have their “Working with Children’ accreditation.

I lost my child’s order envelope and need the code to order online.
If you have lost your order envelope please contact our customer service team 1800 032 028.

What methods of payment do you accept?
If you are placing your order via envelope we accept cash and cheque. If you are ordering online using our secure gateway we accept both Visa and Mastercard, you also have option of POLi Pay.

Can I order and pay for my school photos online?
Yes! Our online ordering system has been tried and tested for many years and we ensure that our system is both PCI and GDPR compliant meaning that your details and payment information are safe and secure.

Do I have to return the order envelope to my school if I place an online order?
No, we take portrait images of all children and will have your order details in our system. We do ask that if you have ordered a family photo that you record your order number on the family envelope and return it to school on photo day.

I am unsure how to fill out the order form, can you help me?
If you are unsure on how to fill out your order form, please contact our friendly customer service team. Alternatively, you can place your order online here.

Will I be able to view my images before purchasing my photo packages?
Yes, if you have registered using the Code supplied on your child's envelope you will be notified once the photos are ready to view and order. Please note that a refund cannot be issued once a digital portrait has been downloaded. When placing your order, please ensure it looks exactly how you want it, what you see is what you get!
Note, the group photo design is determined by the school and the layout of the copy you receive may vary from that displayed at time of ordering

Do you take sibling photos?
Yes, if your school has opted to have family photos taken on photo day.

How do I order a sibling photo?
To order your sibling photo you can simply complete the sibling order envelope and return it with the eldest child in your family on photo day. If you need another one of these, you will be able to collect a spare one from your school’s office. Please note that we only photograph siblings that have ordered a photo, so if you do not place an order, no photograph will be taken.

I have more than one child at the school, can I send money for all children in one envelope?
Yes, there is space on your envelope to write the names and classes of the children whose payment is included in the envelope. We do ask that you fill out an envelope for all children so that we know what packages have been ordered for each.

I have 3 or more children at the same school. Do I get a family discount?
Yes, if you have 3 or more children attending the same school you will only pay for 2 packages! (Maximum of 2 free packages per family) The complimentary packages must be the same or lesser value as the ones ordered and paid for. The prices will be adjusted automatically when ordering online. Note that the family discount is only available until your schools order cut off date. It is not applicable to late orders.  

My husband/wife and I are separated. How do we each order photos?
Our online ordering system makes ordering portraits of your child secure and easy. To place an online order, use the school code found on your order envelope and follow the prompts to complete your order. Your photo packages will be delivered to your school's office and will be made available for collection upon delivery of photo packages to your school. If you have not received your online ordering code, please contact your school’s office for assistance.

I did not place an order on or before photo day. Is it too late?
We will take a portrait image of each child at the school on photo day. If you did not place an order on or before photo day you can place an order online up to 10 days after photo day. After this time, you can still place an order for your child’s photos, however, there will be a postage and handling charge of $14.95 and your order will be sent to your nominated address.

What should I do if my child is absent on photo day?
We offer retake days in several studio locations during each school holiday period. To book in a time call our customer service team on 1800 032 028. Please note that group photos cannot be retaken and your child’s name will appear in the absent line within the names section.

I haven’t received my order yet, or my order is incorrect, what should I do?
Please contact our customer service team on 1800 032 028 or email us at If you placed your order online, please have your order reference number ready to assist our team. This number can be found in the confirmation email you received after placing your order.

I did not get my sibling photo. What should I do?
Sibling photos are packed in with the eldest child’s order. If they are not there, please contact our friendly customer service team for further assistance 1800 032 028 or email

Can I order additional photographs?
Yes! You can place an order at any time using our online ordering system. Once you have created your unique account with us you can log in and place orders at any time. If you have any issues, please contact our customer service team on 1800 032 028.

My child had some team photos taken. How do I order these?
To order team photos of your child please go to the order your photos section on our website, select to purchase team photos and follow the prompts to complete your order.

How do I order photos of my child’s graduation/special event?
Once you have selected the order photos button, click on the graduation photos button. Follow the prompts to order your images. If you have any difficulties, please contact our customer service team for assistance 1800 032 028

How do I download my digital image?
Please login to the webshop here . Click on your name in the top right of the page and choose 'My Page'. You should see a tab labelled "Digital Downloads", any items available for download will be accessible from here.

Please note that our money back guarantee is not valid once a portrait image has been downloaded. Please ensure that you are 100% happy with your prints before downloading your image.

I am not happy with my child’s photo. What should I do?
Arthur Reed Photos prides itself on the quality of images that we produce and strive for 100% satisfaction with our customers. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the images of your child, please contact our customer service team on 1800 032 028. We may be able to select a different image for you or arrange a day at one of our offices to have a retake done. Alternatively, we do offer a 100% money back guarantee on our printed images. 

Please note that this money back guarantee does not apply to digital downloads of images. Once the image has been downloaded the money back offer no longer applies, so please ensure that you are completely happy with your print before downloading your image.

Can I alter the images in each pack?
No, the images in each package are set each year and are outlined on both our website and on your order envelope. For production purposes, we do not allow for changes within the packages.

Can I just purchase products from the ‘Extras’ category?
No. Extras are only available for purchase once you have selected a portrait package. Please note that extras are only available for online orders and include a variety of different products.

I am unable to pay on photo day. What should I do?
You have until 10 days after photo day to place your order online. After this time, you can still order images of your child however there will be a postage and handling fee of $14.95 and your order will be sent directly to your nominated address.

Can I order photos from previous years?
Yes! To order photos from past years go to our online ordering platform and follow the prompts to place your order. In the order comments section please let us know which years photos you are ordering. If you have any further questions you can contact us here.

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